At manufacturing of firm cheeses the enterprise applies high technologies

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At manufacturing of firm cheeses the enterprise applies high technologies

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At manufacturing of firm cheeses the enterprise applies high technologies


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June 4-5, 2016 in the city of Grodno

will host the XI Republican festival of national cultures

The festival is a traditional event that brings together all national minorities living on the territory of Belarus, promotes the preservation of national identity and, along with that understanding and mutual enrichment of cultures.  
In light of recent world events becomes relevant not only the theme of "friendship of peoples", but of "peaceful coexistence". Taking into account the peacekeeping mission of the Republic of Belarus in recent times, in the new decade, the festival are encouraged to do additional emphasis on life in peace and harmony. This topical political issue at the Festival of national cultures will gain a new, cultural-humanitarian sound and will contribute to the further promotion of the Republic of Belarus on the world stage as a country with peaceful diplomacy. The main theme of the festival is defined "Belarusians – uniting the nation" with the idea of "We are for peace, PEACE for us!".
It is planned that the festival will be held under the patronage of UNESCO. In 2016 the festival the main emphasis will be put on a colorful large-scale procession parade and subsequent opening of the festival on the first day; work Podvorie second. The concept of farmsteads – the House in which we live." The Diaspora will be invited to arrange the space "podworka" like decorations (or elements), displaying therein the traditions of doing life and national character (Yurt, hut, hut, hut, hut). It is symbolic complement the main topic of the XI festival: every nationality, in the literal sense of the word, build your house on the territory of Belarus. The main platform of the festival will be the stage on Lenin square extra stage the summer stage of the Park, the scene on the Soviet square and scene of the hall "cultural Center". Each Director of the episode and the organizer of the farmstead will outline the ideological and thematic line. This will allow you to connect all of the pieces together and makes sense, and to make the festival a whole massive project.Additionally focus on folk (ethno) component.
With every festival the city acquires a new cultural object. In 2016 it is proposed to "lay" an object that later will give the opportunity to continue this tradition with integrity and will not lose its creative direction. The issue of commemorative "Ethno-greenhouse", built on the principle of "Avenue of stars" (horizontally in slabs or vertically on a tripod). Each festival are invited to open a flower (instead of "stars"). All of this should be built around a single center – Belarus.
Festival 2016 will retain its traditional elements: the Church, concerts of the national arts (choreography, humor, play, childhood, the work of international courts and at the same time be prepared for new episodes:
the creation of "Ethno-greenhouses" and a concert in honour of her bookmark
the technology changes holiday and the March in the form of a motorized parade
the laser fire-live show
on-line broadcast of the festival and radiobull,
national exhibition of tools and weapons,
ethno-concert performers with a folk style of performance,
creation on PL a holistic “art village” in the style of “old Arbat” (artists, mimes, sculptures, dances,etc.)
sporting events,
commercial projects: a 3d video show, DJ battle, open-air film screenings.